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Reported by Ta Kung Pao on November 30, 2023


Cross-border fusion of music and painting shapes inner journey

A sharing session on the dance of music and painting was held during the "Consciousness·Shaping" exhibition. The Hong Kong Accor Orchestra performed "Whistle". This piece was composed by Tsang Lai-ming, music director, music education and composer of the Hong Kong International Young Artists Association. At the same time, Hong Kong Fan Zhen, vice chairman of the International Young Artists Association and founder of the stream-of-consciousness painting school, painted on the spot.


Fan Zhen said that art is an authentic expression. In addition to skills, painting creation must also have inspiration. "There will be a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers." He hopes that everyone can follow their hearts and appreciate this painting from different angles. Creation. At the same time, he emphasized that Hong Kong people are busy and stressed in their daily work. He hoped that everyone could communicate and relax in the art space by participating in the association's activities.

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