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Artist Overview

Stream of Consciousness

– Painter Fan’s World of “Form and Emptiness”.

Every great artist has and extraordinary life experience. Same is true for Mr. C.Fan .  In his life journey, MR. Fan has seen many peaks and valleys. He has witnessed human fickleness in all forms. Yet, through all the trials and tribulations, Mr. Fan has never lost his child like curiosity. He rarely talks about himself, and always looks mysterious. Nevertheless, as soon as you start a conversation with him, you can sense his similarity to many great artists – They live in two worlds, the real world and their own universe.

Artistically, Mr. Fan’s is heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionism master Marcus Rothkowitz, and the Zen & Buddhist monk of Japanese Buddha, Taisen Deshimaru. He built his own artistic approach by learning from other’s strengths. He fuses his variety of painting technique with the spirit of Ultra-Expressionism to establish the School of Stream of Consciousness, a world renown artistic style. Backed by his rich life experiences and financial security, Mr. Fan creates his artworks without the influence of any commercial considerations. His philosophy is always that true artistic success must be free from money. Mr. Fan’s ultimate wish is “To create artworks that still move people after 500 years”.

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