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The artwork "Treasure in the Water" by Fan Chun has been acquired and added to the collection of the Luohu Art Museum in Shenzhen, China.

Luohu Art Museum is an important public cultural institution in the Luohu District of Shenzhen. Formerly known as the "Luohu Creative Cultural Plaza," it was established in 2007. In February 2017, the museum officially opened its doors to the public as a government-funded venue with free admission for citizens. The museum consists of exhibition halls and an outdoor plaza, covering a total area of 8698 square meters, with a building area of 3848 square meters. It houses six exhibition halls that meet international standards, as well as one academic lecture hall. The museum's activities include various exhibitions, public education programs, art collections, and academic research. Among its regular branded events are the Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition, Shenzhen International Photography Week, "Ink Melodies of Two Cities" Calligraphy Joint Exhibition, and the "Inspiration through Beauty" series of public educational activities.


Accepting an interview with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Mr. Fan Chun has been invited to be interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to share his journey and development in kickstarting his artistic life in Hong Kong, as well as the process of establishing the "Flow Art Movement".

Born into an intellectual family in Dapu, Guangdong, Mr.Fan Chun has been practicing calligraphy and studying classical Chinese literature since childhood. At the age of 12, he settled in Hong Kong with his family, where he embarked on his artistic journey. Due to his love for art, he pursued painting while working, gaining comprehensive and systematic mastery of various techniques such as watercolor, ink wash, oil painting, lacquer painting, and commercial art. He later enrolled in the Western Art Department of  The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Continuing and Professional Studies, delving into expressing thoughts and emotions through oil painting.

Having settled in Hong Kong at the age of 12, it had already become Mr. Fan Chun's spiritual home. His artwork "Harbour" depicts a Hong Kong landscape, using variations in ink intensity to demonstrate the spatial distance: distant mountains rise and fall continuously, while nearby people diligently work near meandering rivers and streams. Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis that also preserves a realm of traditional tranquility, serving as the best harbor for those who struggle and seek respite from their endeavors.

After his exploration with oil painting, Mr. Fan Chun shifted his focus to studying Eastern painting traditions. Influenced by the Zen philosophy of simplicity in Japanese ink painting, he incorporated Zen elements into his works, employing restrained colors and leaving ample blank spaces, allowing viewers to engage their imagination and find inner peace. By expressing Eastern thinking through Western techniques, his works merge the East and the West, showcasing a unique style.

Pouring love onto humanity and enabling others to feel the existence of love, Mr. Fan Chun believes that the brush is a medium for transmitting love. Inspired by the scripture of the Diamond Sutra, "All conditioned phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, or a shadow," he views any artwork merely as a tool for expressing thoughts. Through continuous exploration, Mr. Fan Chun established the "Flow Art Movement," which showcases three progressive levels of concrete, abstract, and imaginative elements in his paintings. Thus, the artwork truly comes to life upon its separation from the creator. Within the flow art works, Mr. Fan Chun creates illusions with his brush, and these illusions are manifestations of love.


2023-6-14 Ming Pao

Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society organized an artist sharing session featuring Professor  LAU, Chor Wah, the Director of New Asia Institute, and Vice Chairman Fan Chun of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society. The session focused on the significance of adhering to the original intention and the concept of stream of consciousness, also known as "stream of art." In addition to Fan Chun's artistic perspective on the stream of consciousness art movement, Professor Liu highlighted its cultural interpretations from the realms of literature and philosophy. During the event, Professor Liu emphasized the importance of putting aside mobile phones in order to stay true to one's original intentions. This statement indeed calls for reflection among our generation.

Venue: Hong Kong Central Library Guests:

Director of New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies School of Painting  

Professor LAU, Chor Wah ​ ​

Founder of the Stream of Consciousness School of Painting

Vice-Chairman, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

FAN Chun

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