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Artist, Painter

Born in China, grew up in Hong Kong, Mr.C. Fan , has long been an active painter. Mr. Fan’s artwork is influenced by the master painters of Abstract Expressionism such as Marcus Rothkowitz, and the Zen & Buddhist monk of Japanese Buddha, Taisen Deshimaru. Mr. Fan studied Eastern and Western paintings under the great Hong Kong master painter Wong Pui Kong. Under Master Wong’s mentorship, Fan has perfected his techniques in oil painting, watercolor, ink wash, charcoal and Chinese calligraphy. Mr. Fan creates his artwork by sketching real life to express the truth, goodness, and beauty of humanity. His unique presentation and techniques communicate the dual principles of "Form and Emptiness", inspired by Buddhism.


Chinese Name范真                                             English NameC.Fan 

NationalityCanada                                               EthnicityHan


ProfessionArtist, Painter

Education Graduated from School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Chinese University of HK and First Institution of Art and Design

Artistic StyleUnique presentation and techniques communicating the dual principles of "Form and Emptiness", inspired by Buddhism.

Major Artworks “Beginning of the world”, “Tears of the maple leaves”.


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