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Artist Evaluation

Hong Kong Painter C.Fan 

A master whose motto is “To become a great talent through cultivating virtue”.


According to “Zi Zhi Tong Jian · Zhou Ji” (資治通鑒·周記一), a person of virtue needs to have talent to be successful, and a talented person can only succeed if guided by virtue. Historically, a civilized society always measures an individual equally by his talent and virtue. Only a person with outstanding talent and great virtue can be considered a master of his trade. “Becoming a talent through cultivating virtue” has always been Mr. C.Fan  motto.


Mr. Fan had a tough life before becoming a successful entrepreneur. He believes that his wealth eventually should go back to the society. He has donated a lot of his wealth and effort to the public, examples are the Héyuán Hakka Cultural Museum, Héyuán Nankai Experimental School, and Hong Kong New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies. He always feels that it is his responsibility to promote arts and culture to the public, and to help enhance human civilization. Towards that end, Mr. Fan has provided enormous support, both in finance and effort, to the establishment of the non-profit Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society (HKIYAS). The mission he gave to HKIYAS – To provide a space where artists and art lovers can meet and get inspired. Make HKIYAS a good place in Hong Kong to nurture young talented and virtuous artists.

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