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Artworks Appreciation 

A painting is a static object. Consciousness, on the other hand, is a constantly moving stream. Mr. C.Fan  is not your typical painter. He is more like a thinker holding a brush. He believes that an artwork should be a timeless medium shared by the artist and the audience. Through this medium, the artist spiritually communicates with the audience, jointly appreciate the aesthetics, and together attain enlightenment from it.


The " Altar Sutra " records: "At that time there was a wind blowing a flag in front of a temple. One monk said that the wind moved, and the other said the flag moved. There was endless debate. Master Huineng stepped forward and said: "The reason for your endless debate is not the wind or the flags moved. It’s that your minds moved". This story is a perfect allegory to describe MR. Fan’s philosophy on creating artworks – "A true artwork may be static, but it must always move people’s minds".


Artworks Appreciation 

The artistic aesthetics of flowers: the poetry of a painting

Flowers, a painting that attracts the eye with its delicacy and diversity, perfectly combines traditional and modern artistic elements. The painting showcases two distinct yet complementary styles: the left is typical of classical Chinese painting, while the right shows a spring blossom scene with modern abstract brushstrokes and colors.

The charm of Chinese classical painting style

The picture on the left depicts a woman in ancient costume with fine brushwork. She has a calm face and holds a plum branch, as if she is quietly watching the spring flowers bloom. This style of painting emphasizes the smoothness of lines and the exquisiteness of details, showing the elegance and calmness of classical art. The woman in the painting has a calm expression, revealing a kind of inner peace and tranquility, making people feel a profound cultural heritage.

The energy of modern abstract style

The picture on the right uses bold colors and random brushstrokes to outline a splendid scene of flowers. This style emphasizes the contrast of colors and the freedom of brushstrokes, making people feel the vitality and vitality of spring. The collision of red, green and black makes the picture full of movement and vitality, as if the swaying flowers are dancing happily in the spring breeze.

Integrated artistic language

The greatest charm of this painting is that it cleverly combines two completely different artistic languages. Classical calm and modern boldness complement each other in the same frame, retaining traditional elegance while showing modern vitality. This fusion is not only a technical one, but also a cultural collision and blend, which makes people deeply feel the diversity and inclusiveness of art.

The poetry of flowers

Flowers are not just a painting, it is more like a poem, depicting the prosperity and beauty of spring, and also telling people's inner peace and joy. Through this painting, we see the artist's love for nature and life, and feel the calmness and freedom. This painting is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a spiritual resonance. Whether it is classical or modern, every stroke and every painting conveys the artist's voice, bringing unlimited imagination and emotion to the viewer. The flowers, as the name suggests, are colorful and gorgeous, making people immersed in them and lingering over them.


The flowers are a painting worth savoring. With its unique artistic language and profound cultural connotation, it brings us both visual and spiritual enjoyment. Whether appreciating classical elegance or feeling modern vitality, this painting allows us to experience the infinite charm and beauty of art.

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