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Artworks Appreciation 

A painting is a static object. Consciousness, on the other hand, is a constantly moving stream. Mr. C.Fan  is not your typical painter. He is more like a thinker holding a brush. He believes that an artwork should be a timeless medium shared by the artist and the audience. Through this medium, the artist spiritually communicates with the audience, jointly appreciate the aesthetics, and together attain enlightenment from it.


The " Altar Sutra " records: "At that time there was a wind blowing a flag in front of a temple. One monk said that the wind moved, and the other said the flag moved. There was endless debate. Master Huineng stepped forward and said: "The reason for your endless debate is not the wind or the flags moved. It’s that your minds moved". This story is a perfect allegory to describe MR. Fan’s philosophy on creating artworks – "A true artwork may be static, but it must always move people’s minds".

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